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Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Prince Edward Island Partner to Support Internationally Educated Nurses

The demand for qualified nurses in Prince Edward Island (PEI) is on the rise, driven by a growing and aging population. To meet this need, Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sask Polytech) and the Government of Prince Edward Island have joined forces in a significant partnership. This agreement aims to facilitate the delivery of specialized programs for internationally educated nurses, helping them transition into the Canadian healthcare system efficiently and effectively.

The Partnership: An Overview

On May 8, the collaboration between Sask Polytech and the Government of PEI officially commenced, marking a pivotal step in addressing the province’s nursing shortage.

The agreement facilitates the delivery of two programs:

  • Transition to Registered Nursing in Canada (TRNC)

  • Registered Nurse Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses (RNBP)

These programs are specifically designed to enhance the nursing knowledge and skills of internationally educated nurses, equipping them with the necessary competencies to thrive in the Canadian healthcare environment.

Program Details

The programs offered through this partnership are comprehensive, covering a wide array of topics crucial for nursing in Canada. Participants will gain insights into:

  • Health assessment

  • Communication techniques

  • Care of the elderly

  • Medical technology and terminology

  • Drug therapy theory

  • Regulatory and ethical standards

  • Safety protocols

  • Cultural competency

This curriculum ensures that internationally educated nurses are well-prepared to meet the unique demands of the Canadian healthcare system.

Benefits for Internationally Educated Nurses

The partnership between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Government of Prince Edward Island is a strategic and timely initiative to address the nursing shortage in PEI. Sask Polytech's programs prepare IENs to write the National Council Licensure Examination (Next Gen NCLEX). Upon successful completion, successful participants can proceed with registration for the College of Registered Nurses and Midwives of PEI (CRNMPEI).

By offering specialized programs for internationally educated nurses, this collaboration paves the way for these professionals to integrate into the Canadian healthcare system smoothly. As a result, PEI can look forward to a robust and capable nursing workforce ready to meet the health care needs of its residents.

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