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At InfoPlace Canada, our mission is clear: to empower your organization with the world's best talent by simplifying and streamlining the immigration process. With our expert guidance, we ensure a seamless journey from the initial steps to the final approvals for both you and your valued employees.

What We Offer

Labour Market Impact Assessment ( LMIA) Application

The LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) is your key to proving that as a Canadian employer, you've diligently searched for local talent but couldn't find suitable candidates. We assist you by advertising the positions and validating the unavailability of Canadians. We work with you to package a strong and convincing LMIA application that can either be named or unnamed. You can apply for multiple positions under one LMIA, as long as they are for the same occupation. 

International HR Strategy Development

We work closely with your team to craft a comprehensive international HR strategy that takes into account the intricacies of immigration processes. We help you determine if you or your employee are LMIA exempt as well as  Work Permit processing times. This strategy aligns your talent acquisition goals with the immigration requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

LMIA Interview

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) assesses an offer of employment to ensure that the employment of a foreign worker will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market. This assessment could sometimes lead to interviews. We specialize in preparing you to effectively convey your need for temporary foreign workers, ensuring a successful outcome.

Work Permit Application

Upon receipt of a positive LMIA, We take care of the complex work permit application process for your new foreign recruits, ensuring they have the necessary permits to start contributing to your organization swiftly.

Provincial Recruitment Assitance

As Licenced representatives in certain provinces in Canada Such as Saskatchewan, We assist with the process of obtaining the certificate of registration, job approval letter, and Nomination Certificates as well as International recruitment.


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