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Saskatchewan Expanding Options for Employers Recruiting Foreign Workers.

The Government of Saskatchewan is expanding the options under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) to improve worker retention and directly address labour market gaps that Saskatchewan employers currently face in Saskatchewan's labour market. The province estimates a total of 112,260 job openings in Saskatchewan over the next five years, and currently has more than 16,000 job vacancies posted on SaskJobs and National Job Bank. The province hopes the new expansion will help address labour needs by filling vacancies across different sectors of its economy.

The SINP Existing Work Permit stream will now be available to certain work permit holders working in Saskatchewan in intermediate and lower-skilled occupations to enable them to apply for permanent residency. In the past, only foreign workers in high-skilled occupations (TEER) 0, 1, 2 or 3 and designated trades were eligible for the Existing Work Permit stream.

279 occupations are being added to the SINP Existing Work Permit stream, including farm labourers, truck drivers, retail sales, nurse aides and equipment operators. The full list is not yet available. More to come!

This expansion to include lower- and intermediate-skilled sectors, presents an opportunity for permanent residency for newly eligible workers, provided they have worked in Saskatchewan and meet the remaining program criteria, including meeting language requirements and having a permanent, full-time job offer.

Specifically, to be eligible for this expanded stream, applicants must have:

  • an eligible work permit,

  • a Labour Market Impact Assessment-Supported Work Permit, or

  • a Francophone mobility work permit, or,

  • for recently arrived Ukrainians, a Canadian Ukrainian Authorization for Emergency Travel visa.

Looking to take advantage of this newly expanded SINP stream? Book a permanent resident consultation to talk to one of our consultants who will provide you with additional information on this stream.

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