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Meet Eno Eka: Business Analyst who grew her income to 6 figures in 2 years.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

When did you come to Canada and why?

I moved to Canada in 2018 this was because I have always been intrigued about the country ever since I read about the history of Canada. I had attempted moving here as an International Student previously before I later got my permanent residency. I specifically love that Canada promotes immigration, diversity and inclusion.. this spurred my love for Canada.

As a new Immigrant in Canada and what major challenges did you overcome?

As a new immigrant some of my initial challenges were:

The culture change and shock that came with moving to a new country; I bought books and took some courses on Canadian culture

Snow in May ( Weather); I learnt to dress appropriately and use my weather apps to plan my daily wears

Navigation; Learning  quickly how to use maps to navigate the city

Having to constantly educate people about my home country, Nigeria as they only hear negative stories

What was it like finding a job in your field and what steps were critical to securing a job?

It was not necessarily easy finding a job in my field as a business analyst as I was new to Canada. There were rejections and disappointments. I was relentless still.

Steps I took:

- I enrolled in courses, training and certifications

- Sought mentorship and coaching

- Joined the IIBA local chapter in Calgary

- Took on Volunteering opportunities

- Joined groups and online communities

- Crafted a better-suited Resume and LinkedIn profile

- Networked across all levels of organizations

- Researching organizations to know where my skills and experience aligned to

- Continuously improving myself and building a personal brand

In a short period of time, you grew your income to 6 figures? How did you achieve this? 

I did this by investing in myself radically.

I put all my earnings back into personal development through courses and coaching

I sought mentors to guide me so I made the right decisions when I was negotiating salaries.

I built a personal brand for myself as a thought-leader in Business Analysis

I went ahead to apply for opportunities that I ordinarily wouldn't because I had built a strong mindset and confidence that I can do anything.

I positioned myself for opportunities and leveraged my experience and skills to pitch myself when those opportunities arose. What inspired Eny Consulting? What services and products do you offer?

Eny Consulting was inspired by the void I found in the technology and business consulting space. There was also a huge gap in the knowledge and coaching space especially for immigrants in Canada, there was a high demand for training and coaching services for immigrants as well as business advisory services for small-medium businesses. Eny Consulting offers; Business Analysis and Agile Project Management Certification & Coaching Business Consulting and Advisory for small to medium scale enterprises Business Analysis Consultancy and Content Development for Universities & Colleges IT Training and Consulting Services. What is the business Analysis industry in Canada like? What would a new immigrant need to succeed in this field?

The Business Analysis industry in Canada is thriving and the demand for business analysts is constantly on the rise. Business Analysis is one of the top 10 skills in demand in 2020 as reported by LinkedIn. The salary compensation is rewarding for the work that you do, it is dynamic and challenging. Unlike other high paying jobs, there is an easier entry for newbies and lots of opportunities for career progression. As a new immigrant, learn quickly the global and industry trends. Learn how to leverage your past experience and skills, then up skill rapidly Get the relevant certifications to validate your experience and invest in coaching because you will need it to accelerate quickly.

Advise a new Immigrant coming into Canada

My advise  to a new immigrant moving to Canada: - Research Canada, your province and your chosen field to know how things work so you don't have any surprises - Prepare ahead for your arrival

- Know what is required of you in your field - Take the necessary courses and certifications in your field before arrival if you can, this helps you settle in faster - Start connecting and building a solid network of like-minded professionals ahead of your arrival - Have a solid career plan and strategy, this is will help you when you are on the verge of losing hope - Understand that no 2 persons journey is the same, don't compare yourself to others - Don't adopt the herd mentality and change careers because everyone is doing same, know your strengths and leverage them.

Eno Eka is an embodiment of a Canadian Immigrant success story and shows that as a new immigrant you can settle successfully in a short period of time.

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Eno Eka's journey to success as a business analyst in Canada is truly inspiring, highlighting the importance of resilience, continuous learning, and strategic networking. Her approach to investing in personal development and seeking mentorship underscores the value of proactively shaping one's career path. In the realm of digital marketing, a similar strategic approach is crucial. Conducting a seo content audit, for instance, allows businesses to refine their online presence, optimize for search engines, and stay competitive. Eno's story resonates as a testament to the power of perseverance and strategic planning, applicable not just in career advancement but in various aspects of professional growth.

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