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International Students’ Pathway to Permanent Residency through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

With Canada increasingly becoming a destination of choice for immigrants, one popular pathway to becoming a permanent resident (PR) in Canada is through studying in the country and leveraging provincial immigration programs.

As one example, New Brunswick, a beautiful province on the east coast of Canada, offers the Student Connect Stream, a dedicated pathway for international students to attain permanent residency after completing their studies. 

The New Brunswick Student Connect Stream offers a promising pathway to achieving permanent residency in Canada for international students. To be eligible for the New Brunswick Student Connect Stream, you must meet specific criteria such as

  • complete a program at a recognized New Brunswick institution, i.e. a designated learning institution (DLI),

  • have a valid Express Entry Profile

  • Proof of residency and intent to reside in New Brunswick

At Infoplace Canada, we recently guided a client through the New Brunswick student connect stream PNP route. It started with a PR and Study Consultation, which enabled us to tailor an appropriate immigration strategy for the client. 

Upon completing her studies and meeting all the eligibility requirements for the Student Connect stream, she received an invitation to apply for provincial nomination which we worked with her on and she was nominated!

At the time, the client’s Express Entry CRS Score was 404; however, she got nominated by the province and gained an additional 600 points, increasing her CRS score from 404 to 1004 on account of her Canadian experience and provincial nomination. With this, she was able to secure permanent residency in Canada which would not have been possible if she decided to remain in her home country.

As our Lead Consultant, Florence Akpan often emphasizes,

"Studying in Canada is a proven but not guaranteed pathway to permanent residency. However, by working closely with authorized Immigration Consultants individuals can significantly increase their likelihood of realizing their dreams of becoming Canadian permanent residents.


Are you an international student in Canada looking to explore PR options? Or are you outside Canada, thinking of coming to study in Canada with a potential plan of becoming a permanent resident? We certainly can help! It is crucial to start your journey with a PR and study consultation with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who will help craft an immigration strategy that will work for you and help set you on the right path. 


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