Spousal Sponsorship

A permanent resident can sponsor his or her spouse to become a permanent resident in Canada. This application can be made in Canada or outside Canada. The main difference with the application location is the right to appeal and potential of getting a work permit while waiting for a decision. Applications made outside Canada would have the right of appeal should the application be denied. However, application submitted in Canada would not have the right of appeal if denied. Applications made in Canada would qualify for an open work permit for the spouse being sponsored if they are currently in Canada as a student, visitor or worker while applications made outside Canada won't qualify even if the spouse being sponsored is in Canada.

"Ottawa, December 7, 2016 — Family reunification is a core immigration priority for the Government of Canada. In addition to the changes made today to process spousal sponsorship applications faster, we are also extending the open work permit pilot program until December 21, 2017, to give spouses a chance to work while their application is being finalized.

To be eligible for an open work permit, you must be a spouse or common-law partner living in Canada who is being sponsored under the spouse or common-law partner in Canada (SCLPC) class. You must have valid temporary resident status (as a visitor, student or worker) and live at the same address as your sponsor."-CIC Notice

If you have applied for sponsorship for your spouse and they live in Canada with you and would like to work in Canada, you should consider applying for the open work permit before the said deadline

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Source- CIC.gc.ca

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