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How to apply for Permanent Residence through Federal Skilled Worker Category

When it comes to achieving the dream of calling Canada home, the Federal Skilled Worker category stands as a beacon of opportunity for skilled professionals like Abdul, one of our clients  who was a Financial Auditor and Accountant. This program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who have

Assessing Eligibility

Abdul's first strategic move was to undertake the IELTS examination, a fundamental requirement in the Canadian immigration landscape and upon meeting the minimum requirements, Abdul assessed his eligibility based on age, education, work experience, valid job offer, English or French language skills and adaptability (how well he was likely to settle in Canada) scoring above the required 67 pass mark and then proceeded to create his express entry profile.

Creating an express entry profile

Once eligibility is established, creating an Express Entry profile is paramount. An express entry profile is an online account created by potential candidates interested in immigrating to Canada. This profile contains the following information about the applicant.

  • Age

  • skills,

  • work experience,

  • language ability,

  • education, and

  • other details required to assess applicants.

The information provided creates a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) for each applicant and is valid for one year.

Abdul skillfully assembled his profile, based on his age at 26, IELTS at CLB 9, 3 years of work experience, BSc and having a family in Canada, he was able to score 489, receiving an ITA on March 23rd draw where the cut off was 484.

Compelling Application Package

It is important to note that once an ITA is gotten, you have a minimum of 60 days to apply and with the following documents {which was also submitted in Abdul’s case}

Typical Documents That Are Required for An Express Entry Application

  • Proof of employment

  • Proof of funds

  • Proof of relationship since he had a sibling in Canada

  • Proof that his sibling was a permanent resident or Canadian citizen

  • Police clearance from all countries that he has lived in since he turned 18 years

  • Digital photos to confirm your identity

  • a passport or travel document

  • Educational credential assessment

This is a pivotal juncture where strategic maneuvering can considerably influence the success of the application.

Additional Documents Requests {ADR}

ADR is a request for documents by IRCC to further convince them that you meet the eligibility and still qualify for the program that you applied under and this was the case with Abdul. After submitting his application we received an additional document request on the 10th of July asking that our client provide proof of funds,

Now our client already provided this in the application, however, upon this request, we went further to review his proof of funds and realized that it was no longer sufficient due to currency fluctuation. Therefore, an update to the required funds was necessary as an explanation to the influx of funds required. We worked with Abdul, to determine the additional funds required, supporting documents and the explanation letter required for the submission of the additional document request.

After this was done, we submitted his final proof of funds document on the 21st of July, and 10 days after, we got his approval with the whole process taking 74 days while Abdul was still in Nigeria!

Abdul's experience also highlights the flexibility and adaptability necessary during the application process. Unexpected scenarios, such as updating proof of funds, can arise. Learn from Abdul's example and ensure your continue to meet the requirments of the application you submitted while waiting for a decision.

Abdul's journey exemplifies the triumphs that await those who navigate the intricate process of securing permanent residency in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker category. The road may be arduous, but with the right guidance, strategic planning, and a commitment to excellence, your dreams of becoming a Canadian permanent resident can indeed become a reality.

Don't Forget, We're Here to Help!

With all the uncertainty surrounding Express Entry, we can assist by reviewing your eligibility, exploring your options, and help you with packaging a strong and convincing application. Book a Permanent Residency consultation with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants today!


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