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Can I change my status from a visitor to a Student in Canada?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Canada's allure captivates countless visitors, with many finding themselves irresistibly drawn to the country's exceptional education and abundant opportunities. Although originally intended as a temporary stay, individuals often develop a profound affection for Canada, leading them to explore avenues for pursuing higher education. Here we shed light on the process of switching status from visitor to student in Canada, exemplified by our client Demi's inspiring journey.

The Visitor's Dilemma:

Demi, our valued client, arrived in Canada with the intention of staying temporarily. As a visitor, she dutifully adhered to her visa conditions, maintaining her status for over a year. However, during her stay, she experienced a desire to delve deeper into her academic pursuits and avail herself of Canada's outstanding educational system.

The Shift to Student Status:

Recognizing her newfound ambition, she applied for a study permit and got a refusal. Demi approached our us, seeking guidance on her transition from visitor to student and our seasoned team of experts embarked on addressing the complexities surrounding Demi's status in Canada and devising a compelling argument to facilitate her transition.

Navigating the Study Permit Process:

The process of switching from a visitor to a student in Canada requires careful adherence to immigration regulations and policies. We evaluated Demi's eligibility for a study permit, ensuring all necessary documentation was accurately compiled and submitted.

Demonstrating Genuine Study Intentions:

Central to Demi's successful application was the articulation of her authentic study intentions ( study plan). Our team diligently worked with Demi to craft a persuasive case, emphasizing her commitment to pursuing further education in Canada. By highlighting her academic goals, career aspirations, and passion for contributing to her home country, Nigeria, we bolstered her study permit application.

Addressing Concerns and Overcoming Hurdles:

Every immigration journey involves its unique challenges, and Demi's case was no exception. We tackled potential obstacles head-on, meticulously addressing any concerns regarding her previous visitor status and potential implications on her study permit application. Our proactive approach and comprehensive documentation helped alleviate any doubts, securing a smooth transition for Demi.

A Celebrated Success:

With dedication and expertise, we assisted Demi in her pursuit of a study permit. IRCC recognized the sincerity of her intentions and granted her permission to embark on her educational voyage in the country she had grown to cherish.


While transitioning from a visitor to a student in Canada can be an exciting prospect, it necessitates thorough preparation and adherence to crucial factors.

Essential Considerations for Study Permit Applications

  • Proof of Funds:

A paramount aspect of your study permit application is demonstrating your financial capability to support your stay in Canada. The Canadian immigration authorities require tangible proof that you possess sufficient funds to cover your living expenses, tuition fees, and all associated study costs.

By providing comprehensive documentation of your financial resources, you enhance the likelihood of a successful study permit application.

  • Purpose of Study:

When choosing your study program, it is essential to establish a clear and meaningful connection between your academic pursuits in Canada and your future plans in your home country. These should be clearly articulated in your study plan.

Keep in mind that a study permit is a temporary residence visa, and the authorities seek assurance that your education in Canada will positively contribute to your return to your home country. Articulating the relevance of your chosen program to your career aspirations and personal growth strengthens your application.

  • Proof of Ties to Your Home Country

An integral element in your study permit application is demonstrating significant ties to your home country. These ties may encompass family relationships, business engagements, employment opportunities, landed assets, or financial assets. Presenting robust evidence of these ties assures the Canadian authorities that you have genuine intentions to return home upon completion of your studies. Highlighting your commitments and connections in your home country bolsters the credibility of your application.

Remember, the option to submit an application for a study permit remains available to you while you are present within the confines of Canada, without leaving Canada as long as you hold a valid status. However, your application will still be processed outside of Canada once submitted.


Demi's transformation from a visitor to a student exemplifies the multitude of opportunities Canada offers to those who dare to dream and aspire for more. At InfoPlace Canada, we take immense pride in helping individuals like Demi achieve their goals of studying in Canada. If you find yourself in a similar situation, seeking to embark on an educational journey in Canada, know that our expert team is ready to guide you every step of the way. Canada's doors are open to those with a genuine thirst for knowledge and a passion for growth.

Canada's allure can lead visitors to embark on a transformative path from temporary travellers to enthusiastic students. If you find yourself in this situation, you can Book a Consultation with us and we can help you with your admission processing at no cost and assist with your study permit


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