Recap of 2017 Express Entry

Happy New Year to all our readers and clients! Thank you for choosing us in 2017. We pray that 2018 brings you lots of joy, love and success in all you do.

As the new year begins, we have completed an analysis of the express entry draws of 2017 to provide you with more insight and better prepare you for the 2018 draws.

The Express Entry system is an online immigration system, created by the Canadian Government. This system allows skilled (economic) immigrants submit a profile to be considered for permanent residence in Canada. Skilled workers who submit profiles, are ranked in the system and the highest ranking candidates are invited to apply for PR. To read more about how the Express Entry System works, click here

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) target for economic immigration in 2017 was 164,100 -183,500 (this represented 57.5% of total Immigration Plans). 71,700 (~40-43%) of the economic immigrants were planned to be selected from the Express entry system though the following programs;

  • Federal Skilled Worker,

  • Federal Skill Trade Worker

  • Canadian Experience Class

Did IRCC meet or exceed their targets in 2017?

Highlights of the 2017 Express Entry Draws

  • There were 30 Express Entry Draws. This is approximately 2.5 draws per month.

  • Express entry draws mostly occurred on Wednesdays

  • A total of 86,023 candidates received Invitations To Apply (ITA). This is about 52% for total planned economic Immigrants.

  • This means, IRCC invited 14,323 more applicants through the express entry system than planned.

  • 14,323 represents a 20% increase in targets.

  • Lowest Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) of 413 was selected on May 31st 2017 for non-program specific draws.

  • Highest Express Entry Score was 468 on January 4th 2017 for all non-program specific draws.

Graph from CICnews

  • Average CRS was 438 for all non - program specific draws.

  • Average number of invitations per draw was 2,867

  • Highest number of ITAs issued per draw was April 12th 2017 where 3,923 candidates were invited.

  • There were two program specific draws for applicants who had Provincial Nomination or qualified for the Federal Skilled Trade Categories on My 26th and November 1st.

  • Provincial Nomination draw scores were 775 and 673 respectively.

  • Federal Skill Trade draw scores were 199 and 241 respectively.

It was definitely an exciting here for our clients who qualified to apply through the express entry system.

2018 promises even more exciting opportunity for qualified applicants as the Canadian Government has set its 2018 Immigration plans at 310,000 new immigrants. Over 50% of the planned target will be skilled immigrants. If you would like to be of the the lucky skilled immigrants in 2018, click here to find out if you qualify to apply.


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