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Recruiting Foreign Workers through the SINP program

If you are an employer in Saskatchewan and intend to hire foreign workers through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) there are a few things you should know.

First of all you can only hire foreign workers in Saskatchewan, if you are registered with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (LRWS) and obtain a Certificate of Registration, as outlined under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA).

Steps to take to hire foreign Workers through the SINP program

Apply for a Certificate of Registration

Your certificate makes you eligible to submit job positions for the SINP for approval to support PR applications for your foreign workers.

Before you register check if you are eligible to apply

You must provide evidence that you are operating in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Province of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan uses a variety of criteria to assess your eligibility, including your business operations and your ability to support the employment of foreign workers.

As an employer, you must also:

  • provide a place of employment for a foreign worker that is zoned for commercial operations;

  • actively operate as a business for no less than one year;

  • be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada;

  • disclose third-party representatives providing assistance during the recruitment process; and

  • provide any documentation requested by an SINP officer to support your application, which may include:

  • financial statements,

  • incorporation documents,

  • Canada Revenue Agency documents,

  • business license,

  • lease/rental agreements,

  • business payroll records,

  • contractors permits; and

  • letter of good standing with the Workers' Compensation Board.

If you have outstanding employment standards or occupational health and safety issues under The Saskatchewan Employment Act you may not be eligible. Also, if you have an unsatisfactory record of employment of foreign nationals you may not be eligible to receive a Certificate of Registration.

After registering, the next step is to apply to the appropriate provincial or federal program for approval of the specific job you intend to offer to a foreign national.

How to obtain the SINP Approval for the Position

The SINP Job Approval Letter is a pre-approved authorization for an employer to hire a foreign worker through the SINP. A Job Approval Letter is valid for a period of six months from the date of approval.

The application is done online in the following steps..

  • Submit a Job Approval Form for each type of position you intend to offer to a foreign worker.

  • Provide a job description for the position, identifying the responsibilities and duties.

  • Outline the education, skills, knowledge, abilities, language and salary required for the position.

All the positions you submitted must:

  • meet the Regional Median Wage;

  • meet the required National Occupation Classification (NOC) level for the applicable category (i.e. Skilled worker positions must fall into the high skilled (Level 0, A, or B) under the NOC system; meet the application criteria through SINP Saskatchewan Work Experience; OR be a designated trade* in Saskatchewan);

* Occupations like Hairstylist, Esthetician Nail Technician and Esthetician Skin Care Technician may be considered through SINP if workers are currently working in Saskatchewan and meet all licensing criteria where applicable under the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) Designated Trades; and application criteria through SINP Saskatchewan Work Experience.

meet full time permanent criteria (minimum of 30 hours/week); and

have a place of work that is within the geographic boundaries of Saskatchewan.

Wondering if this program is for you?

One good thing about the SINP program is that LMIA is not required for most of the pathways as the SINP Nomination Certificate replaces a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in this process.

You can make this process quite easier by hiring a Saskatchewan Licensed Immigration Consultant to work with you.

Licensed Saskwatchewan Immigration Consultant
Florence Akpan , RCIC, CPA, CMA

Our Lead Consultant, Florence Akpan is licensed to represent with the province of Saskatchewan and has successfully represented numerous client to immigrate through the SINP programs.

As an employer looking to recruit foreign workers, here is what we can do for you;

1. Apply for their certificate of Registration

2. Obtain SINP Job Approval letter for the position they are looking to recruit for

3. Help Search for the right Candidates

4. Prepare Job Letter

5. Apply for Nomination for the qualified Applicant

6. Apply for Work Permit / Permanent Residence for the Qualified applicant as well.

Are you an employer finding it difficult getting qualified candidates in Canada, please email to get started with out team.


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