Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Canada

We have researched and brought together a list of top scholarships for international students in Canada. The main focus of this research is on schools that have scholarships designated for international students not just scholarships that are open to all students. These scholarships are based on academic merits, with most of them requiring averages of 90% and above. Some of them require students to apply for them while others are automatic (i.e students are considered for them when the apply to the universities or based on their grades after the first year). There are a number of schools with entrance scholarship as well as continuing scholarships for international students.

In addition to the scholarships identified below, there are other non- specific and college/faculty scholarships that available to all students that international students can access as well.Scholarships for international students in Canada are typically not advertised or announced. International student have to go in search of these scholarships if they are not automatic. Stay informed while in school to make the best of every opportunity.

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