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Sponsorship Letter for a Canadian Study Permit

Prospective students coming to Canada typically have various sources of funds to support their intended program in Canada. Most students are sponsored by parents, relatives, friends, employers while others sponsor themselves. Proof of funds is a crucial eligibility requirement for a study permit application. Therefore, it is important to ensure that adequate information is provided to satisfy the immigration officer on your relationship with the sponsor and their ability to sponsor your education in Canada.

What information should be included in a sponsorship letter for a Canadian Study Permit?

A sponsorship letter should typically contain the following information;

  1. Introduction of sponsor

  2. Description of relationship of with the sponsor

  3. Reason for sponsorship

  4. Amount of Sponsorship funds and length of sponsorship

  5. Source of Sponsorship funds

  6. Where the funds are currently held

  7. Your expectations as a result of the sponsorship

  8. Contact information and how your sponsor can be reached.

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