Medical Exams for Canadian Study Permit

One of the requirement for a Canadian Study Permit, is the completion of a medical exams. Here is all you need to know about completing a medical exams for your study permit.

  • Your own doctor cannot perform the medical exam. You must see a doctor on the list of panel physicians.

  • The panel physician does not make the final decision about your medical exam. The only complete the test required. CIC makes that decision. If there is a problem with your medical exam, the visa office will contact you in writing.

  • There are two ways of completing a medical exams 1. Completing the exams when requested by CIC after you have submitted your application or 2. completing the medical exams before submitting your application a.k.a Upfront Medical Exams

What to expect at a medical Exams

When you go to your appointment, you must bring:

  • proper identification (you will need at least one document your photograph and signature, such as a passport, driver’s licence or national identity card)

  • eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them

  • any medical reports or test results that you have regarding to previous or existing medical conditions, and

  • the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E), if you do not undergo an up-front medical exam. The visa office will send you this form.

You may have to bring:

  • Four recent photographs. You will need to bring these only if the doctor you select from the list of panel physicians does not work with CIC via the eMedical electronic system. Please check with the doctor’s office when you book your appointment.

Note: It is important that you tell the doctor about any previous or existing medical conditions. Processing your medical exam could take longer if you do not.

A typical medical exams is very straight forward. When you arrive at the clinic and check in, you will be required to provide a urine and blood sample. X-ray and eye test are completed as well. The doctor will proceed to ask several health questions. All test is completed on the same day and it might take 3-4 weeks for results to be received at the embassy.

Completing an Upfront Medical Exams

Once your medical exam has been completed, the doctor will give you a document confirming that you underwent a medical exam. You must include a copy of that document with your application. not including this in the application you submit could lead to delays.

If the doctor works with the eMedical electronic system you will be given the information sheet print out. If the doctor works on a paper system, you will be given a copy of the IMM1017 – Upfront Medical Report Form. This form or information sheet printout much be attached to your application before you submit it the visa office. If you apply online, you must upload that form before you can submit your application.

Medical Exam Fees

Fee for medical exams is determined by the medical office and the type of exams required. You must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. If your application is refused after your medical exam, those fees will not be refunded


Medical Exams are only valid for 12months from the date they were completed.

My Medical Exams Experience

12 years a go when I completed my medical exams, I called the clinic two weeks later to confirm if my results were sent to the Canadian Embassy and to my surprise I was told my urine sample was missing. I lived in Akwa Ibom State and I had completed my medicals in Lagos. So my parents immediately booked a flight for me to head back to Lagos to provide a urine sample. It was one of the most frustrating and annoying event as I was running out of time to get my study permit. However, after the second sample was given everything else went smoothly. I was very thankful I had called to check in on the process as there was no online tracking back then. I believe the process is a lot better now and there are more locations in Nigeria to complete those medical exams.

Do you have any Interesting Experience with a Canadian Medical Exams? Please share, you might be helping someone out.

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