Canadian Permanent Residence Options for International Students

When it comes to permanent resident (PR) application for international students, determining if one is eligible to apply for permanent residence depends on the category of the international students. There are generally two broad categories of international students in Canada. Below is a description of this category and immigration option available to them.

International students without any degree or work experience

These are typically most of your undergrads. They finish high school in their home countries and move to Canada for their undergraduate degrees. Most immigration programs international students can access typically require at least a post secondary education and one year work experience in their field of study. Therefore, this category of students typically cannot explore any permanent residence option until they meet this requirement. Once they complete their degree and have work experience, they have the option of applying for permanent residence through on of the following programs.

  1. Federal skilled worker (FSW)

  2. Canadian Experience Class

  3. Provincial Nomination

International Students with one or more degrees and Work Experience

This second category of students are mostly post graduate students. They have a first degree or degrees from their home countries and have some work experience as well. Students in this category meet the two crucial requirements for permanent resident application under two programs. Therefore, these students do not have to wait to complete a degree in Canada or gain Canadian work experience to apply for PR. Their have the option of applying for PR residents while the are completing their program of study in Canada (even if they are completing another undergraduate degree). These category of students can typically apply under the following program

  1. Federal Skilled Worker

  2. Provincial Nomination

Furthermore, international students are successful applicants for PR if they have skilled work experience in class O,A,B of the NOC code classification. In addition to the education and work experience, FSW has some other eligibility requirements applicants must meet. A minimum score on 67 is require to fully qualify.

The provincial nominee program has very similar requirement as FSW. However, they vary from province to province. One rule of thumb is that for most provinces, it is easier for an international student to get nominated if the completed their studies in that province than if they move from the province they studied to another province after graduation.

To apply for PR through any of the above programs, the application is processed through the express entry system where all applicants are required to setup a profile based on the immigration program the qualify under. Please note, having the education and work experience alone will not automatically qualify you for PR, there are other requirements that still need to be met based on the program you are applying through.

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