Wages of Working International Students In Canada

International students from various countries move to Canada for their studies. Depending on your country of origin or residence, a Canadian education could be very expensive. Therefore, most prospective international students are often very curious about their ability to work while studying in a Canadian University or College. Wages of Working International Students in Canada is best estimated using the minimum wage in each of the provinces. This is because employers in Canada are obligated to pay nothing lower than the minimum wage.

Below is the minimum wage in the 10 Provinces/jurisdictions in Canada and the effective dates for these rates. Overall the average 2017 average minimum wage in Canada is $11.70.

International students are allowed to work 20hours/week while in school and 40hrs/week (full-time) while on holidays.

  • The only time an international student is allowed to work full-time during school session is if they are in the co-op program. Read more about co-op work permits here

The table below shows potential earnings before taxes and deductions at the above prescribed minimum wage.

There are usually a few mandatory deductions on wages for Income tax, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan. These deductions are based on your total annual income. Most international students do not pay income tax on their jobs because total annual income is usually below the taxable amount. Below is the estimated take home amount after deductions from the two provinces with the highest minimum wage in Canada - Alberta and Nunavut; for a student who held a part-time job through out the year and worked a minimum of 20hours /week.

According to Statistic Canada, the nationally average tuition fees for international undergraduate and graduate students was $21,932 and 14,350 in 2015/16 respectively. Therefore, as an international student, it would be somewhat impossible to work and pay your tuition in Canada. This is why Proof of Funds is critical to receiving a study permit to study in Canada.

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