Jun 11, 2018

Urgent Inquiry for study permit proof of funds


Hello, My visa application was refused some weeks ago due to proof of inadequate funds. (This is related to my father's bank statement). He borrowed some people money in the past, but they've paid back now. My mother transferred $5,000 to him from her own account. He also collected a bank loan of about $26,400 Canadian dollars. The whole funds I have available right now is about $56,100 Canadian dollars. I came across a site which says eye brows will be raised at the visa office if a lump sum of money is suddenly found in the account especially after a visa refusal. Please what can I do about this? Should I give an explanation in my letter of how I came about the funds? is it also a crime If my father took a loan from the bank and external sources to make the funds up???

Jun 11, 2018

Hello Akomodee, were the loans explained ? Any lump sum payment must be explained in an explanation letter. If this was not done, that may have contributed to the refusal. If you wish, we can request the details of your application and refusal from Canadian Immigration to know exactly why the immigration officer denied your application. This report has been really helpful to clients for reApplication. You can email us for details on how to go about this process.


I would advice you do this before re-applying to avoid making more mistakes.

Jun 11, 2018

Okay. Thanks for the reply.


I paid my tuition, accommodation, meal plan and every related fee for my first semester. (September 2018) Basically, my dad has paid about 9,500 dollars to the university already. The mistake I made initially was, I didn't submit receipts of the payment made. I only submitted my dad's bank statement. That was why the permit was refused. (No evidence of sufficient funds).


Right now, he has sourced for funds from the bank, my mum and a couple of friends just to prove that there's enough funds.


Please can the study permit be refused/denied if part of the funds is borrowed from outside sources like friends and in form of bank loan??? (I am really worried about this). Is it a crime?


Jun 11, 2018

It’s not a crime but Canadian Immigration needs to confirm that these funds are indeed available and were not just borrowed for submission. If you wish, you can book a consultation on our website and I can further advise. Www.infoplacecanada.ca/consultation

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